Where to Find Books

Borrow from your Public Library

Borrowing from your local public library is likely your best option as it’s free and it supports your local library. Many library systems within a state are in a partnership with each other, which allows you to borrow from public libraries (and even some colleges and universities) across your state and have the book delivered to your local branch. This is especially convenient for the older, out of print books as they tend to be expensive to purchase and may be difficult to find in used bookstores.

Many public libraries also offer downloadable e-books and audio books through apps such as Libby (aka Overdrive) and Hoopla. These downloaded books can then be read on smartphones, tablets, computers and e-readers.

Borrow from your College or University Library

Similar to using your local public library, borrowing from the college or university you’re attending may be a convenient option. Many colleges and universities are also in partnership with each other which allows you to have access to a wide variety of library catalogs delivered to your campus. Some schools allow alumni to borrow, so you may not need to be an active student to check out books.

Free Downloadable E-Books

Many of the older books that are no longer copyrighted are available as free e-books on numerous websites such as Google Books and Project Gutenberg. They can be read online or downloaded for use on many different devices.

Buy from a Used Bookseller

If you would like to purchase a book, many times buying used is the most affordable way (and sometimes the only way for out of print titles). You can sometimes find copies at your local used bookstore but often the best selection is found on websites like abebooks.com and biblio.com.